Help every student thrive

Intellispark gives you the tools to know and support every student so every student can thrive. With research-aligned surveys that your students can complete in just a few minutes to communication and collaboration features that keep your team aligned, Intellispark is like the assistant you wish you had.

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ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS AND TERMS: This trial of Intellispark Professional is available to PreK-12 schools at the request of a verified staff member with a valid work e-mail address.

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Intellispark’s Student Hub keeps your whole team in the loop

The Student Hub is at the heart of Intellispark. It provides a visual biography of each student along with key social-emotional indicators you can use to get to know the human being behind the data.


Promote positivity

Celebrating your students’ successes is critical to their well-being. High 5s in Intellispark provide an easy but impactful way to deliver positive feedback.


Eliminate silos

Student success is a team sport, but relying on shared documents, spreadsheets, e-mail, and text messages makes that work challenging. Intellispark is designed to help you coordinate care across your school, district, and community – eliminating silos and improving outcomes for kids.


Capture student voice

Research-aligned surveys in Intellispark focus on engagement, connection, belonging, and more to give you a clear sense of how your students are doing.

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