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At Intellispark, we believe school counselors are superheroes, and we know that you're working harder than ever to support students in new ways this year. Check out our two-minute video to see how Intellispark can make it easier for you to support your students, whether they're in school or learning remotely.

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Let us help you boost your counseling superpowers. Sign up for Intellispark Starter Edition today — no obligation and no strings attached!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Intellispark Starter Edition is available to PreK-12 schools at the request of a verified staff member with a valid work e-mail address subject to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy for Intellispark products. Intellispark Starter Edition supports unlimited usage by all of your school's students and parents and up to with three staff members. For accounts with four or staff users, we offer Intellispark School Edition at a cost of USD $1,995.00 annually per school site.